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North Shore Vascular Laboratory (NSVL) is a specialised vascular imaging provider. With two locations in St Leonards, and Turramurra, we provide convenient and friendly service for communities across Sydney’s North Shore.

Operating for over 20 years, our expert sonographers and professional administration team provide benchmark service using state-of-the-art, non-invasive Ultrasound technology.

Together, our team captures clear, detailed vascular diagnostic information that is critical in identifying vascular health issues and needed to develop effective treatment plans.

Convenient and Specialised Service

Our main laboratory is located at North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards and provides a full complement of vascular imaging services 5 days a week, to include our treadmill studies and is our wheelchair accessible location.

Our second location situated in Lady Davidson Private Hospital, Turramurra and offers a specialised post-surgical inpatient vascular imaging service and a dedicated outpatient service for patients undergoing wound treatment at the Lady Davidson Hospital wound clinic.

Our Clinical Team

We pride ourselves on our friendly, knowledgeable service and benchmark vascular imagery. Our team are dedicated to making your visit comfortable from the time you make your booking, during your scan, and onwards as you monitor your vascular health.

Our reception team are there as your first point of contact for bookings, questions, and appointment preparation advice. Get in touch today to make your booking.

We are here to inform you and most importantly, inform your surgeon and specialists of the real-time status of your vascular health, so they can construct the best treatment plan for you.

Our Surgeons and Sonographers

Heading our laboratories are three nationally recognised vascular surgeons, Dr. Vikram Puttaswamy, Managing Director of NSVL, Dr. Charles Fisher and Dr. Rodney Lane.

Our imaging team consist of highly qualified senior sonographers and a closely supervised student sonographer. Every North Shore Vascular Laboratory sonographer is ASAR accredited.

Our senior sonographers are aware of the importance of education and professional development in the diagnostic ultrasound industry, particularly since it is a field with a shortage of highly skilled sonographers worldwide. To ‘give back’ to the industry and share their decades of experience, our senior staff have consistently provided extensive teaching and mentoring throughout their careers.

Our Equipment

At North Shore Vascular Laboratory we are fully equipped to perform all vascular ultrasound scans listed in our services page. These diagnostic tests can reveal almost all known vascular issues and symptoms, in sharp clarity via our latest technology and equipment. Our full compliment of non-invasive vascular imaging equipment includes:

  • Colour Doppler ultrasound machines
  • Tilt and height adjustable examination couches for patient comfort in varicose vein imaging
  • Vascular imaging treadmill for exertion related scans