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Until further notice, masks are required to be worn by all persons entering the labs as well as during the scan. 


North Shore Vascular Laboratory provides a full suite of non-invasive vascular diagnostic ultrasound examinations. Ultrasound is a proven and safe method of diagnostic imaging, free of the risk of discomfort from needles, injectable dyes or anaesthetic.

Our ultrasound rooms are specially equipped to assess vascular health and identify various potential venous and arterial issues. Our state-of-the-art ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound technology ensures consistently clear and accurate scan results.

Every scan is an invaluable tool, outlining critical information your doctor or surgeon will use to create the best treatment plan for you. North Shore Vascular Laboratory high quality scans are used by Australia’s top vascular surgeons.

We are happy to discuss with you any questions you may have about your vascular ultrasound examination.

Our diagnostic examinations allow us to examine the arteries and veins throughout the body, with scans such as:

Carotid & Vertebral Duplex

A real-time ultrasound that shows how well blood flows through the carotid arteries and vertebral arteries in the neck.  Helps to evaluate, monitor or predict symptoms of stroke, transient ischemic attack, carotid bruits, carotid stents or surgery, existing vascular disease and the vascular health of high risk patients.

Arterial Duplex

A ‘real-time’ duplex scan that measures how well blood flows through the arteries. Arterial duplex scans can investigate where blockages or enlargements (known as an aneurysm) are occurring in an artery.  An arterial duplex examination may be performed on any of the following arterial groups:

  • Aorta: the body’s largest central artery that stems from the heart
  • Aorto-Iliac: the aorta and abdominal arteries that supply blood to the leg
  • Mesenteric: arteries that lead blood from the aorta to the gastrointestinal system
  • Renal: kidney arteries
  • Peripheral: arm and leg arteries
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)

A combined ultrasound and pressure test that compares your blood pressure measured at your ankle with your blood pressure measured at your arm. If they differ, it may indicate a blockage in the vascular system, which can lead to peripheral arterial disease or ‘PAD’. A treadmill study may also be performed to evaluate how your leg arteries respond to exercise.

Venous Duplex – Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) & Varicose Veins

dvt-ultrasound-scanVenous Duplex scans are real time scans that measure how well the blood flows back towards the heart via the venous system. It helps to evaluate and monitor DVT, varicose veins and/or venous insufficiency. The veins that may be examined with a venous duplex include:

  • Peripheral: arm and leg veins
  • Iliac veins: the leg veins join the lower torso veins which then join the IVC
  • Inferior Vena Cava or ‘IVC’: the major vein in the abdomen leading back to the heart
  • Portal veins: veins that convey blood to the liver from the abdominal organs
Other Specialist Vascular Studies
We also perform specialist dynamic ultrasound investigations for thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) which is a condition when nerves, veins and/or arteries are compressed between your collarbone and rib.

Other specialist studies that we perform include evaluation for a false aneurysm, arterio-venous fistula (AVF), dialysis fistulas and vein marking for surgery.